Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Selections - Chairman Meow

This weeks Sunday Selections is all about my cat. When I bought the cute cuddly bundle of fluff almost 8 years ago, after much deliberation he was named Chairman Meow. If only I had've realised he'd grow up to just as much of a ruthless dictator.
These days he has many names (Mitten, Mitty, Meow and numerous variations of the aforementioned) and has many a funny tale to tell. Like the time he chased the BF's friend back to his car because he was trying to get into our house while we weren't home (he had permission, but Mitten didn't know that), and the time we lived in a unit and a visitor of my neighbour threatened to call the pound and have him put down (he pounced on her from the bushes, and although no physical harm was done, she completely lost her s#!t and I thought I was going to end up with a black eye!). Any visitors that come to my house are very quickly advised not to pat the cat, but he's really a big softie at heart...
Here are some recent shots of my big monster....

Snuggly Mitten

Mitty eating a mouse :)

The last six were taken by the BF (Copyright- Nuzzi 2011). He went out one morning to take some frosty shots and Mitten turned it on, photoshoot style. Complete with the aftershoot release :)

These shots are proudly (I hope) brought to you by Kim at Frog Ponds Rock as part of Sunday Selections, a great excuse to post some unseen shots.  Even if they're not yours, as most of these aren't mine, but they are on my hard drive, and possession is 9/10ths of the law :)


  1. Thankyou for sharing these lovely photos. They all made me smile. The first shot is very lion like. Our dog is named Harry but we rarely call him that. Harry to Hazzy to Hazardous to Zoodous to Zoody. hehe

  2. Mitten looks like a big moocher. I love the pics on the fence post.

  3. Love a fluffy moggy. He's very photogenic!


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