Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hello again....

I really like blogging. I really don't like my sporadic attention span and inability to ingrain it as a habit. Still, no point in beating myself up over it, I'll just get right back on the horse!

So here's whats been making me smile lately:

The Minutes Podcast
Patience from 'The Grates' and Comedian Mel Buttle are very funny ladies. Plus they have an awesome Cat.

First term almost complete and I love it so much I have signed up for two classes per week next term.

'Flirting' with Veganism.
Very new, very enthused, but hesitant to say too much incase the relationship fizzles out.

Took me a few false starts, but it really is quite addictive, informative and fun.

Well that should be enough for now.  I think I might cheat and dig out another 'Fake-Tidy' episode for the next post. Then maybe some photos.  Unless I get sidetracked....

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