Sunday, 17 July 2011

... live Aussie bands #1

Did anyone else see Triple J's 'One Night Stand Live @ Tumby Bay' on ABC2 tonight?
I caught the last two bands, Art Vs Science  and Birds of Tokyo  


Thanks ABC2, you turned my living room into a festival for an hour!

Just so happens that these are two of my fave Aussie bands. I had the pleasure of seeing Birds Of Tokyo earlier this year at the Big Day Out in Melbourne.  I'm yet to see Art Vs Science but they are definitely on my must see list :)

Clearly not taken with my DSLR :)

If you haven't heard of these bands, click on the links to their sites and check them out. No excuses like "Oh, they would be too loud" or "too modern for me..."

You'll never know unless you try :)

Peace, Emma xoxo


  1. I don't know this bands, but I also like bands that can be considered too "loud" ;) have u evr heard about System of a down? they are a bit loud too xD

    +follow :)

  2. Love SOAD! Thought they were 'too loud' for years, then my bf 'educated' me and took me to see Serj Tankian in Melbourne in 2009. Mind you, he was supported by Mike Patten of Faith No More Fame, in his other band Fantomas... it was a great night :)

  3. ooooh god, I really like him, my brother went to their last concert but I couldn't!!

  4. hey chick -- WOW the blog looks great!! (really love your background)
    I'm so pleased you started blogging again :)

  5. Thanks Toni, It's good to be back :)


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